JULY 25th The Temple Gates will finally reopen!


It has been just under 16 weeks since we were forced to shut due to Covid-19. The lockdown has been tough but has also opened many new doors and we are so excited to invite you all back to enjoy the Temple. 


We have been working hard to make changes that will give you a better experience as a student at the Temple.


We look forward to sharing these improvements with you on your return.


Over the last 16 weeks we have been going LIVE everyday at 10am via our Temple Instagram and Website. We have built a strong online community with our LIVE session getting 100's of viewers tuning in every morning from all over the world. Our commitment is to bring the Temple Fam community together for the better. This has brought in new and continuing students from the UK, India, USA, Australia, Brazil, across Europe and the Middle East and many more places.


Our Instagram profile has exploded with many of our videos going viral. 

In fact, since the lock down we have grown our audience by 500% with an amazing 20,000,000 views.


We also hit our first milestone on Youtube with 1K Subscribers. We have maintained weekly Vlogs, giving the community an opportunity to learn, train and follow from the comfort of their own homes.


Our website has also had a major update and now has many new and exciting features. One of the key features is the 'log in' element. Students are now able to sign up to our website gaining access to members only pages, payment functions, students only forums and much more.


The new website and student log in function is going to really help as we reopen and welcome students back. 


For now, we will pick up where we left off - we closed with 5 weeks left of the term - so we will be running the remaining 5 weeks from July 25th through to August 28th. Class times will resume as normal and where changes have been made, individually effected students will be contacted. However, all information can be found via our website/mobile app.


Over the next 21days we would like to get everyone signed up via the website. In the future this will be our main form of communication with all students. This includes booking in for lessons &121's, making purchases and staying up to date with Temple events, times and news.


We are also proud to announce that from reopening we will be operating on a cashless basis. This will help support social distancing and make training more fun, with no more queuing up and waiting to pay for lessons. In fact we won't be taking any payments cash or card at the Temple. Everything will be done via the website/app. 


With that being said, please take the time to check it all out - sign up, give us some feedback and get set for JULY 25th!!


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