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The Bushnells 

“We have been coming to the Temple for more than 5 years now, its like a second home! Favourite place in Cheshunt”


“For the past 7 years I travel from Coventry every Sunday to train at the Temple,

after losing my Son, being part of this family has changed my mindset and given me new focus in life


“Such a great way to stay fit and have a good time. Training at the Temple has given me a lot of confidence and taught me to be a stronger version of myself ”

Niao Ge

“I started training here around 8. Now I'm 16. Iv'e come along way. I can flip, do cool weapons and I'm in good shape. Now I'm building my strength up and it feels great, I love it here


“The Temple is so awesome. I learn everything. Flipping, Kung Fu, dance and loads of other things. You should train here too ”


“The main reason I come to the Temple is to get strong and learn how to defend my self. I really like the community here, good sense of team & family

Lois & Hongy

“When I'm not feeling too goodI come here & it just makes me feel better. Its been more than 6 years and I still can't get enough”


“This is something I thought I would be doing when I was younger, now in my 40’s, its like a dream come true. Doing things I never even thought I would ever do in my life. Great place


"I've been training with Matthew since January 2014. In the 5 years since then I think I've left every 121 we've had with at least one new piece of wisdom, and feeling happier than when I arrived."


“There is a great energy about this place, really happy I found the Temple. Great people, great vibes and great training.”

Tony & Benny

“Training together really gives us a chance to bond. Pushing our body to new limits is great! We both can flip now and since joining we are both in much better shape."


"Always have fun at the Temple. It's a good atmosphere with lots of positive energy.