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“I've learned to control my body is so many different ways and can do so many cool things - although I can fight, I don't train to fight, I train to feel good, have fun & make my body strong”


“I don’t think I could ever stop coming to the Temple. Its a huge part of my life and I love everyone here"”


“When I first signed up I said. Ok ima give this 10 years and then its a wrap. But Now, ha, I feel like I'm part of the family here. I'm realising this ain't no 10 year journey. This is for life.”


“After just a few weeks

I did my first ever Handspring. I Love training at the Temple and improving on all my skills


“Over the years I've learnt so much and its really shaped me into the man I am today. Physically and Mentally”


“Da Ge means big brother and now I understand how he and the Temple can help me.​”