Training will take place at the Shaolin Temple with 3 sessions a Day. First is the morning session from 5:30-7am, with the second session from 8:30-10:30am. The final session is an evening session from 6-8pm. The training will be intensive and involve running mountains, breaking bricks, stretching like never before and passing all limits you thought you had!

Each day we will have a nap from 12-2pm and then will head out on an adventure. Traveling around Shaolin to visit famous masters, their school and students, long treks up mountains for hours to find hidden Temples. We will explore some of the most famous areas in Shaolin including Damo’s Cave at the top of mount Song, hiking deep into the mountain to the 9 Dragon Lake, flying across Mount Song in the Shaolin Cable Carts. Learning Chinese, Calligraphy and having full body massage are just some of the highlights.

Each year we travel back to China and meet our Master, Shi Yong Xin, Shaolin Temple Abbot - we visit him for some tea, a chat and then will have the opportunity to give him a private performance outside of his room in the Abbot Courtyard - an exclusive opportunity reserved for only a chosen few​.

Each year we visit and explore a different province in China! This year it will be Shanghai. We will be meeting up with the China Tour group (who will be traveling around China with Da Jie) and spend an amazing 4 days in Shang Hai with a private tour bus and an experienced English tour guide to give us all the secrets to this ancient but modern city! We will visit all the well known spots as well as some more mysterious places too!​

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