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    "Always have fun at the Temple. It's a good atmosphere with lots of positive energy."

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    “Training together really gives us a chance to bond. Pushing our body to new limits is great! We both can flip now and since joining we are both in much better shape."

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    “There is a great energy about this place, really happy I found the Temple. Great people, great vibes and great training.”

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    "I've been training with Matthew since January 2014. In the 5 years since then I think I've left every 121 we've had with at least one new piece of wisdom, and feeling happier than when I arrived."

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    “This is something I thought I would be doing when I was younger, now in my 40’s, its like a dream come true. Doing things I never even thought I would ever do in my life. Great place"

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    “When I'm not feeling too good, I come here & it just makes me feel better. Its been more than 6 years and I still can't get enough”

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    “The main reason I come to the Temple is to get strong and learn how to defend my self. I really like the community here, good sense of team & family”

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    “The Temple is so awesome. I learn everything. Flipping, Kung Fu, dance and loads of other things. You should train here too”

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    “I started training here around 8. Now I'm 16. Iv'e come along way. I can flip, do cool weapons and I'm in good shape. Now I'm building my strength up and it feels great, I love it here”

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    “Such a great way to stay fit and have a good time. Training at the Temple has given me a lot of confidence and taught me to be a stronger version of myself ”

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    “For the past 7 years I travel from Coventry every Sunday to train at the Temple,
    after losing my Son, being part of this family has changed my mindset and given me new focus in life”

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    “We have been coming to the Temple for more than 5 years now, its like a second home! Favourite place in Cheshunt”


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