FEB 2021



Ni Hao & Happy Chinese New Year Temple Fam!


A few adjustments to the last statement while we await new government guidelines.


We were hoping to open on Feb 20th but that's not looking likely unfortunately.

Below is a breakdown of how spring and summer term will play out:


Spring Term: (10 weeks)

April 12th - June 20th


Summer Term: (10 weeks)

June 21st - August 29th


As always while LOCKDOWN contiunes we will be doing our best to support the Temple Fam and will be offering various online training including FREE Live workouts(via IG Mon, Wed & Fri at 6pm), workshops and much more. Stay positive Temple Fam. Remember without struggle there is no progress! Before we know it lockdown will be lifted, summer time will be here and we can once again train together. We miss all of you, hope you are doing OK and remind you if you need anything please reach out to us.



MJ, CC & T


p.s The Push Up Challenge will be pushed back to May 8th! That’s an extra 10 weeks to work harder, get stronger and smash your targets! Don't let lockdown keep you locked down! Let's Go!

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